Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A touch of ivy

There was a storm coming, you could smell it , you could feel it in the air that was thick and humid. The trees knew it was coming, and they showed the silvery underside of their leaves in the slightest breeze. Ivy knew it too, she loved thunder and lightening, even it's earthy fragrance.
If she had been born in another place she might have become a "storm chaser".
But big storms were are rare here. Her youngest was about three, and Will had brought home a kitten for him, Ivy's thinking was that the kitten was really for Will, but it was no matter. She had been out planting peas and the when she got into the house JR was very fussy, the cat wanted out, then it wanted in and then it wanted out again and again. Will was trying to finish putting in a new threshold on the front door, the old one it turned out was just a slab cut from a log. The sky turned a weird mustard yellow, and the wind picked up suddenly. Ivy marshaled everyone together and ordered them into the basement...Will grumbled the whole time that it was just a storm and not a tornado. Then a sound like the train that went to the furniture mill every day a 5 was running across the floor overhead.There was a loud crack and then silence. After a few minutes they went upstairs, and Will, still carrying JR and JR now holding his Kitten went to the frontdoor. "You women make too much of things! " he growled "it was just a storm." Ivy bristled but said nothing.

She went into the kitchen, the power was off, not a surprise, but the phone still worked. It was a Friday and nearly supper time, and tonight, it would be either hot dogs or mountain pies roasted on a the fire. if they could find any dry wood. JR was rattling handfuls of rings from canning jars, and giggling away, when Will came through the back door with a handful of papers. "Get your camera and come out here." , he said in an eerily flat voice.

The yard was littered with letters, cancelled checks, even clothing. there was a blueberry bush on the roof of the old shed. The stand of Norway spruce that blocked the view of the new housing development was flattened and most of the houses were shattered, beyond that Ivy could just see the High School, to night was Commencement!

A clap of thunder roused her from her thoughts and sent her scurrying to shut down her computer.
Huge raindrop crackled against the window, driven sideways by the wind, and just as soon as it started. it was over, the air smelled fresh. Ivy opened the window and settled back in the chair.
"Oh, why did I ever let Della talk me into going to a knitting class. Mr. Chips?" Mr Chips did not reply. "I have been out here on my own for so long that...." her voice drifted off.

Ivy sat for what could have been minutes, hours, days even decades in her mind, She felt uneasy, like something was about to happen, it was hard for her to go back out into the world. It was only with the greatest of effort she forced herself to go for groceries and errands. But meeting new people, being in public these things were scary. "Can't sit here fretting like and old woman, hell, I am an old woman. Mr. Chips I need some fresh air. I'm just being foolish, if I keep telling myself that may-be I'll start believing it."

Ivy put her faithful and comfortable gardening clogs on and started to walk down toward the stream. The air was brisk and fresh and thew sunshine felt good, but Ivy still felt unsure. Gus Nelson was headed in her direction, "How do you like the new bridge?" he yelled. "Love it!" Ivy responded She could see how frail the once gentle giant of a man had become, so she walked faster so he would not have to climb the bank. "Now we can visit more often." Ivy said, she could see had something on his mind. "Do you remember my cousin, of course you do, you always had a little candle burning in your heart for him, I haven't seen him since the tornado, anyway he called me right before Christmas to say his wife had died." Gus paused. Ivy was about to say something like "sorry to hear that" when Gus said" It was a mercy, she had be suffering for years." "Della told me." Ivy said. "Well did Della also tell you that he is coming back to live with me and help run the farm?" Gus said with a smile.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


To A Fairy, from those who care:
Smiles and Sunshine

Every day at sunrise
Fairies young and old
Wake up and start their day.
Not one worry occurs
While work is done
Just joy and happiness.
No matter what, they smile
And know everything is alright
As long as they’re alright.
So smile, let your eyes gleam
You will be okay.
Fairies are hard at work
To make your sunrise
The start of a better day.

Ally Matthaey

The young author has captured what I feel is the essence of what a Fairy is.

Do you believe in Fairys?

Do you want to believe in Fairys?

I wanted to share this wonderful poem with you on Intentional Fairy Day, which was Jun 24th, however my 'puter had other plans.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camera of your heart and soul

Every moment of my life I imagine myself as a camera, with my heart as the aperture. I capture it all: the sights, smells, words, feelings. When you feel shut down, ask yourself, “Can I open my heart to new possibilities?” Diane Gillman

Monday, June 20, 2011

Solstice ramblings

You could still read the newspaper at 9:05PM, outdoors, last night.
Garlic is ready to pick. and have already picked and pickled some of this years crop. The old saying goes plant on the shortest day and harvest on the longest, or sometimes the other way around. I don't know. and no one seems to be able to tell me if there is any special reason for this rhyme, other than it takes about 6 months for garlic to mature.

So here begins the decent into winter. But try to ignore that. And try instead to enjoy the fullness of this wonderful season. Wild strawberries and fireflys, unhurried days between planting and harvest, when there is always a flower to smell, a fruit to relish, a birdsong to hear, and fill your soul with the delights and the stories. My soul fairly smiles at the simple, beautiful, and mysterious things that abound now.

I am reposting something that I hope will help me carry the spirit and wonder of the Solstice with me, may-be you will want to try it.

SOLSTICE SUNRISE: 5:07AM Eastern Daylight Time
SOLSTICE SUNSET: 8:25PM Eastern Daylight Time

Do what the sun does: Declare your finest intention at
first light and follow it as it rises with the day. Express
the fullness of your own inner illumination, your high
noon zenith. Shine light and warmth into the evening.
Set after a long day with the satisfaction of the glorious
lightness of being. ~~~ Donna Henes
Urban shaman and author of "Celestially Auspicious Occasions".

Thursday, June 16, 2011

the hawkweed or the devils paintbrush

One of my earliest memories is walking with my Dad. One day he pointed out some orangery- reddish flowers and said, " those are Devils Paintbrush", their dark fuzzy stem and vivid colors were, and are fascinating to me. They remind me of my Dad, and rambling through the meadow or the logging roads, near our home. Summers, that were filled with the the wide eye wonder of discoveries and wonders, be they ever so humble. A vibrant and sturdy flower.who's nickle sized blooms, which go from usually a bright yellow in the center to vivid orange, to reddish orange, and even deep red on the outer age, are bright and cheerful. I feel that lushness of color is what has made them the traditional favorite of local children gathering bouquets for their mothers or grandmothers.
Another European import and find roadsides and lawns good places to bloom, thought it is generally regarded as a weed, but not by me.Devil's Paint brush is also called orange Hawkweed, has the scientific name of Hieracium aurantiacum. The Roman naturalist Pliny gave this character the name of Hawkweed, because he believed that hawks ate it to improve and maintain their acute eyesight.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Full moon of June

Yesterday was a long day, so many things going on at this time of year. I was ready for sleep, really ready for sleep, so turned off the TV and lights, the house was very quiet, athinking I would just look out the window for awhile at the passing vehicles or may-be see some lightening.
A thick deck of clouds covered the sky, and I stood there for a moment, and suddenly I saw what looked like a plume of smoke rising from an intense fire, then the moon appeared immense, glowing, veiled by very thin clouds, the moon's "face" exquisitely visible, and just a quickly the clouds closed over it.

Junes' moon is said to be a favorite of fairys, sprites, elves and other ancient beings, a time when new life is abundant, and all signs of the cold dark months are faded. It is also said to be a good time to communicate with and see these ancient beings.

June's full moon is known by many names, including Rose Moon, Lotus Moon, Green Corn Moon, Windy Moon, Moon When June Berries Are Ripe, Moon of Horses, Dyan Moon, Planting Moon, Lovers Moon, Strawberry moon, Honey Moon. As I like to add my own name I thought about the Expectant Moon, for the earth is about to give birth to it's bounty of plant and animal life, the sweet berrys and honey, and a time when the days are long, and there is no need to keep the hearthfire burning overnight.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ivy is nervous

Ivy looked long and hard into the mirror, was going to a Graduation Party with Della Manspeak. It had been a long time since Ivy bought any new cloths, in fact since Will had died she couldn't remember buying anything new. To her surprise her favorite slacks were much roomier than she remembered, and the blazer buttoned much better, she chose a necklace with a smiling. shimmering moonface, a gift on her last birthday with Will. "Not bad for an old farmwife."
Though Ivy would have much preferred to wear her gardening clogs, she choose her most comfy flats. This was her first trip out into the social world, and it took everything she had not to turn and run back into the safety of her home. Wes had been her paperboy for years until his younger brother took over. She had watched those boys grow up., and no matter how nervous she got she was going to the party.

"Can't forget to lock the back door, can I, Mr. Chips!" she said as she covered his cage. Then walking into the kitchen she paused to look out the window at the creek. and her thoughts drifted back to when the boys would congregate down by the creek, build a fire and cook, more like burn, hot dogs. One of them hung a rope in an oak tree and one by one the swung across the creek, then they all realized that they couldn't swing back across. Roused from her revelries by Della's knock at the kitchen door, Ivy waved her in forgetting that she had already locked the door. By the time Ivy had unlocked the door both women were laughing to hard to talk.

It was very late when Della pulled into the driveway, both women were still laughing. Della said "I gotta get home, have something very important to do." Ivy thanked her for the ride. And once inside the house she thought just may-be she should climb the stair and see if there was anyone to wave to. She kicked off her shoes and stared up to the attic. She settled into her chair and looked out over the town, and it seemed very different. Ivy didn't expect to see many lights on. but she waved anyway. One light came on, and Della was waving and Ivy waved back.

Monday, June 13, 2011

magnet this one to the fridge, with one of those silly magnets

I really hate those emails people forward with the soppy messages about faith, hope and courage or some other thing that they think is hilarious, and i usually think is just palin (yah, I see I did that, and really, honest I meant to type plain, must be a Freudian slip) dumb.

I think this one is different, you should print it out, magnet it to the fridge with one of those silly magnets, tape it with duct tape to every mirror and most doors, give out copies to everyone, even people you don't like, or don't even know.

What Kind of Day Shall I Choose Today? ♥•*´¨♥¸.• ♥ ´*.*♥¸.•

Today I can complain about my health,
Or I can celebrate being alive.

Today I can moan that it is raining,
Or be joyful at all that grows from the rain.

Today I can regret all I don't have,
Or rejoice in everything I do.

Today I can mourn everything I have lost,
Or eagerly anticipate what's to come.
Today I can complain that I have to work,
Or celebrate having a job to go to.

Today I can resent the mess the kids make,
Or give thanks that I have a family.

Today I can whine about the housework,
Or celebrate having a home.

Today I can cry over those who don't care for me,
Or be happy loving and being loved by those who do.

I CHOOSE to have a good day! ♥•*´¨♥¸.• ♥ ´*.*♥
By: ‎"gr8quotes"

It's OK by me if you leave off the heart thingys.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I once volunteered to help weed an herb garden for a friend who sold herb plants. It was definitely a learning experience, not only did I learn about herbs I learned, that one man's weed is another man's flower. And I learned that what was once a weed can become a valuable plant, and the other way round.

So let us consider that insidious, invasive weed, a member of the mint family, one of the prettiest and best smelling ground covers I know of, Gill-over-the-ground. The Old farmer used to call it "chicken weed" because as he said it grew best around chicken coops. It grows best in disturbed soil, and very quickly also because each leaf lobe is capable of rooting. Will grow in sun or shade and is hardy in zones 3 thru 10.

Gill-over-the-ground, Ground ivy, Creeping Charlie is a member of the mint family, you can see it has a square stem, but it's tiny blue flowers look almost like and orchid. It is used as a salad green in some places and smelling the crushed leaves is said to benefit those with headaches or sinus problems. Gill-over-the-ground had it's origins in Europe and is not a native plant. In Europe it was used as a flavoring and preservative for beer, and it's name possibly comes from the mispronunciation of the French word, gillaue, "to ferment."

It's pretty little blooms are a welcome sight in late spring, and I have often crushed its leaves and enjoyed it refreshing fragrance while i sat on the edge of the asparagus bed, taking a break. To me it is a delight.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lady Moon and sister star

Recently, my Enchanted friend and Moon Sister sent me several photos of the Moon, and I thought it would be neat to repost some of them for others to enjoy.

                                                                       ~photo credit unknown
Lady Moon and Sister Star
by Kitty Degler (1984)
via Sisterhood Of The Rose

Now I lay me down to rest.

I pray that all the world be blest.

Lady Moon and Sister Star

Watch over me from afar.

Mother Earth is always there

And keeps me safe within her care.

The Lord of Dreams will dance and sing

And happy dreams will to me bring.

And when I wake to greet the day

Brother Sun will light my way.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

HEE HEE HEE!!! silly me

Not that long ago when the weather was mostly foul,not to mention shitty and or sucky until further notice, a friend who had bought too many cantaloupes, while visiting his children, who live in warmer climes, gave us some. A very, very welcome gift. They were very ripe 'loupes and needed to be cleaned and put into the fridge immediately, if not sooner.
While gleefully slurping bits of this rare treat, scooping seeds and and playfully tossing them and the peels into the compost pail, in my exuberance some seeds landed in a disused flower pot (read "the plant had died"), I took the compost pail out and tossed it still playfully onto the rotting, no make that recomposting heap of vegetable matter. I placed the flowerpot gently on the picnic table, and be it general ,sloth, slovenliness or serendipity, when I went back to dump it several days later....
Hey! Presto!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dirt socks

I finished spading my garden today, really should have been done about a month ago, the the abundant, or as I should say more than abundant rains, didn't make that an appealing job. And I do enjoy the work. I love all the little treasures I find, bits of broken glass and china, beads, may-be a marble or a button, sometimes a plastic dinosaur left over from the days when dinosaurs ruled in my son's corner of the garden.

The sound of the wind through the bare branches and the way it softens from a clicking sound to the sound ow swishing fabric, to the soft sound that reminds me of a far off river. The shapes of the clouds, and the shadow they cast across the ground, darkening clouds and the sound of distant thunder overwhelming a bright sky, the clatter of rain and that unmistakable smell, unmistakable fragrance of rain. The most amazing sight of the sun and the moon in the sky at once.

Occasionally a bird will sit on the fence and watch me, the moment I leave the garden several descend on the freshly spaded earth for a tasty treat. Their calls are like music in the background, it is an honor to watch them court, gather material to build a nest, and then sometimes see the little ones fledged.

Butterflies drift past, visiting each flower and sometime even use my shovel handle, or as one did today,me for a perch. Sooner or later I find a frog or two, who really have no time for my antics, even though I find them fascinating. Mother natures mousetrap. the snake, zips past me once in awhile, obviously in much more of a hurry than I am.

Sitting on the steps with a cold glass of water after I am done for the day and wondering if I really want to go inside ever again, I drag myself to my feet and limp over to the faucet to wash off my 'dirt socks',

Silent Sunday~~~Hedgehog Picnic

thanks Coleman