Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Full moon of June

Yesterday was a long day, so many things going on at this time of year. I was ready for sleep, really ready for sleep, so turned off the TV and lights, the house was very quiet, athinking I would just look out the window for awhile at the passing vehicles or may-be see some lightening.
A thick deck of clouds covered the sky, and I stood there for a moment, and suddenly I saw what looked like a plume of smoke rising from an intense fire, then the moon appeared immense, glowing, veiled by very thin clouds, the moon's "face" exquisitely visible, and just a quickly the clouds closed over it.

Junes' moon is said to be a favorite of fairys, sprites, elves and other ancient beings, a time when new life is abundant, and all signs of the cold dark months are faded. It is also said to be a good time to communicate with and see these ancient beings.

June's full moon is known by many names, including Rose Moon, Lotus Moon, Green Corn Moon, Windy Moon, Moon When June Berries Are Ripe, Moon of Horses, Dyan Moon, Planting Moon, Lovers Moon, Strawberry moon, Honey Moon. As I like to add my own name I thought about the Expectant Moon, for the earth is about to give birth to it's bounty of plant and animal life, the sweet berrys and honey, and a time when the days are long, and there is no need to keep the hearthfire burning overnight.

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