Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Grow ideas in the garden of your mind." ~~MisterRodgers

"All you have to do is think ands it grows." 

MisterRodgers, once said that his ministry was expressed through music.  So i feel that he would really love this remix.
Quietly and simply he explained some eztremely complex ideas, like how the mind works.   

Did you ever imagine things?
Are they scary things?
Did you ever imagine things
Things you'd like to have?
Did you ever see a cat's eyes in the dark
And wonder what they are?
Did you ever pretend about things like that before?

Did ever grow anything in the Garden of your Mind?
You can grow ideas
In the Garden of your mind
It's good to be curious about many things
You can think about things and make believe
All you have to do is think
And they'll grow

Imagine every person that you see
Is someone different
From every other person in the world

Some can do things
Some can do others
Did you ever think about the many things you've learned to do?

Did ever grow anything in the Garden of your Mind?
You can grow ideas
In the Garden of your mind
It's good to be curious about many things
You can think about things and make believe
All you have to do is think
And they'll grow

Did you feel like going like that? (hand snap)
Let's give the fish some food
Mr McFeely, I didn't order any whistles
(music break)
That's what they call these slide things

Did you feel like going like that? (hand snap)
There are so many things to learn about in this world
And so many people who can help us learn

Did ever grow anything in the Garden of your mind?
You can grow ideas
In the Garden of your mind
It's good to be curious about many things
You can think about things and make believe
All you have to do is think
You can think about things and make believe
All you have to do is think
And they'll grow

The first measurable snow of the season, and it arrived just on time.  Snow usually shows up about now, real snow, snow that sticks  to the ground, snow that makes it nice to be indoors. 

While working in the gaeden I let my mind to wander, but for me anyway it is not a good opportunity to actually think and plan. or to ponder.   I surf my own mental net and just see what is there , whatever random, or nearly forgotten artifact of a plan remains, the half remembered curiosities I have come across, those thoughts so deep and answerless, and it drifts over the vastness of space and time, causing me to wonder about things like if I didn't know that the stars were suns of distant solar systems, what might I think they were.  

 Many ideas and thoughts of often the most random ones come to while I am doing mundane work.  And strangely I am sometimes grateful for mundane and repetitive tasks for that reason.  That must be where the seeds for the garden of my mind come from, or one of the places at least. 

For obvious reasons, the idea of your mind being like a garden, makes a lot of sense to me.  There are the seeds and plants that you put there and the weeds that plant themselves there.  You know the difference, but sometimes you might forget, or not recognize a new seedling as being from a seed you planted.  Then there are the "volunteers", the plants that grow from the vegetable scraps and parings tossed into the compost.  They can be wonderful, strong and sturdy plants, sometimes with surprising cross bread fruits and sometime true to variety.

Yep, the garden of my mind, the garden of your mind.

Monday, November 17, 2014


~~ artist unknown

silent features watching
the silent  snow falling, was
once, again will be

Friday, November 14, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What month of the year is Canada?

"November always seemed to me the Norway of the year."
- Emily Dickinson

There is an interesting statement.  Emily Dickenson lived in a time when the world was a bit colder than it is now, but I like her choice.  Would I have chosen  Norway to represent November, I had to think about that, but no matter.   I wasn't sure, at least that is what I thought when I first read this.  Then I thought I should make my own list, so here goes.

Let us begin with January, which is very cold, with occasional thaws that turn rills to torrents. Iceland, yes January is Iceland.

February with it's 28 or 29 days always feels like the longest month of the year, so I think it would be best represented by Siberia.

March a month that has days from all of the seasons of the year, sometimes all seasons are represented in one day.  Canada a vast and varied country, yes Canada is March.

April, which makes a speedy transitions from the last remnants od winter  into the first greening of summer almost as fast as descending the Alps, is you guessed it Switzerland.

May, is England, full of blooming flowers, ancient poetryand , and with a pleasant thought damp climate.

July is the United States, in a hurry, always in a lather, rushing.  Full of diversity, thunder and lightening.

August, swelters and sparkles under a strong clear sun.  It is Australia.  Vast open skies, powerful thunderstorms,  wanting to dip into the ocean, or a lake

September, warm weather golden sunlight, fruits and vegetables abound, September is Italy

October is Scotland, cool and refreshing, dotted with beautifully colored trees,  robed in morning fogs and  more than a little mysterious.

November is the first of winters chill, with occasional breaks, cold and grey some days, sunny and crisp other, yes November is Norway. 

December is Germany, glowing windows and gentle snowfalls, Christkindle markets, nights filled with stars.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

a hiaku

photo~~by Dark Woods
where god  walked
and others try to follow
here god's  roots grow

Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's sorta like a cosmic apple pie

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,

you must first invent the universe.

Carl Sagan (from Cosmos) 

For as long as I can remember, each year  I helped pick apples on the family farm.   The trees are ancient, and many have fallen to weather and brittleness in their ancient  limbs.   A good apple year also means an abundance of tinder, kindling and applewood for the smoker.   The remaining trees are pretty much on their own, no spraying, the only pruning is done by nature, but most years they produce a nice crop of  apples, with less than perfect skins, and the occasional coddling moth.
Apples that are excellent for cold storage, remaining crisp until February, if there are any that aren't turned into pies cobbles, dried or just peeled and eaten by then.

This picture is of a ready made apple  crust/ topping mix, really? a premade mix, I was not surprised that it was in the bargain bin.   but I bought it anyway. I thought what would my ancestors think of a mix used on apples from their orchard.  Upon thinking about it, they were the kind who would have to try it, perhaps try their own version of it, perhaps laugh at it, but still try it. It was Ok, not too bad, Yeah if I had too, had a good reason too I would use it again.
Even though it did really save me any time, and even in the bargain bin it cost more than my homemade.
Baking away, it filled the whole house with that warm spicy appley smell, that spelled  home made apple crumble, and long, long ago  Sunday dinner at Grandma's.
The smell of a fresh made apple crumble hung in the air for a long time. 
As it was baking I was taking the skins and cores out to dig into the garden, and compost there over winter, making the soil better for next years crops.  something I have done for over 30 years, and to my thinking apples make great compost.   Being able to peel an apple in one long continuous strip is something I have always been secretly very proud of, well perhaps it's not so much of a secret now.
It just doesn't seem like I am ready for winter until I have collected a few bushels of these apples, and have them at the ready.   When the snows get deep and the nights really old there will still be a few of these old pommes  for peeling and eating.  

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A not so silent Saturday, with a rare cloud formation

Mysterious hole in sky is rare cloud formation

Some were calling it the rapture cloud, but the peculiar formation is called a fallstreak hole; 'Like something out of 'Independence Day' '

rare cloud formation
Rare cloud formation over Victoria, Australia; photo by Peter Fell
Earlier this week over parts of Victoria, Australia, an enormous hole seemed to open in the sky, mystifying residents who had little or no idea what they were witnessing.
It turned out to be a rare cloud formation known as a fallstreak hole, which Linda Lam described as “a circular or elliptical gap that can appear in high- to mid-level clouds.”
fallstreak hole
Photo by Lori Leskie
The meteorologist explained that after water droplets in the clouds begin to freeze and grow, as ice crystals, they fall from the cloud and leave behind a hole.
The fallstreak hole phenomenon occurred over the Gippsland area, and the images that appear with this story were captured by residents and supplied to ABC Australia.
fallstreak hole
Photo by David Barton
Some people on social media were referring to the formation as the “rapture cloud.”
One of the witnesses, Ben Stewart, told the Daily Mail Australia that it looked like something out of the movie “Independence Day.”
fallstreak hole
“Other people spotted it as well, and most of the theories as to what caused it had to do with an aircraft or helicopter, definitely man made,”’ Stewart said. “One of my friends did say in jest that it was the rapture. It definitely looked out of place in the sky.
“I guess now we’re all just waiting for the mothership to come.”