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Fruit colors, flavorshard and stale in the candy dishsugar looks like  snow


A silent Sunday looking at the sky

haiku~~~woodshed window

locks undone,  inside
eyes adjusting to the gloom
favorite hoe, found!

A really wordy Sunday, with a guest Blogger who knows about rocks that can kill you

As if there weren't enough things to worry about, here are some rocks that can kill.

Deadliest rocks on the planet|
They look pretty on the outside but some of these stones are one of the most toxic and potentially deadly rocks on the planet. 1. Chalcanthite Chalcanthite crystals broken down and introduced to water weakens and kills both animal and plant life by shutting down their vital functions. In this form, it was used formerly to clear ponds of plant growth.2. Arsenopyrite Sometimes mistaken for fool's gold, arsenopyrite is arsenic iron sulfide. Heating it releases the lethal gas, but just handling it alone can bring you into contact with the poison. Always wash your hands before you eat.3. Chrysotile (Asbestos) Asbestos destroys human lungs and causes cancer with its tiny crystals that become airborne. Among its lovely effects, those unlucky enough to breath in some of it can expect lung irritation and scarring.4. Cinnabar Cinnabar is one of the most toxic ro…

full moon of March

The sap isn't rising, because the temperature is falling, it has rarely been this cold during this winter. the sap was running during the warmspell last week, and it will when it warms up to normal temperatures, there fore we can still call it the Sap Moon.  When I drive past the sugar houses tomorrow the sweet smelling steam will be billowing. 

Marches' moon is also called the Worm Moon, but if there are any out and about tonight they are wearing their Carharts  whist chewing and digging thru snow.    In the back of my whimsy driven mind I think  that knitting sweaters for earthworms might be a good project for the quiet time caused by the up coming snow storm.  Though they are far from cute and cuddly they help make the garden grow and that makes me  like them,  ALOT!

The robins are here, in fact they have been here for awhile!   This was taken of 2-27-17!!  Though if I hadn't forgotten to put the card in my trusty, and usually with me camera I would have had a photo fr…

For a few minutes anyway, I love winter

This winter has been a gentle one so far no crippling storms, no tree crashing  ice, no snow roller creating windstorms.   Today I am graced by an enchanting Lake Effect snow, possibly 10 inches of huge fluffy flakes, that at times will fall with an enthusiasm  making it difficult  to see 20 feet ahead, could call  that a ferocity .

For those of you who don't live near the Great Lakes, lake effect snows are created by cold winds blowing across the unfrozen water of one of the Lakes.  They are often called bands or streamers of lake effect snow because on a radar or other image they look like a stripe of snow and clouds.   One can be driving  down the highway and suddenly find themselves engulfed in a wall of falling snow, and just as suddenly find they have driven through that wall, possibly only to drive through others down the road.

Who would think that such fragile  things as snowflakes, could turn into something so strong.   Strong enough to close  schools and business, and even…