Monday, June 20, 2011

Solstice ramblings

You could still read the newspaper at 9:05PM, outdoors, last night.
Garlic is ready to pick. and have already picked and pickled some of this years crop. The old saying goes plant on the shortest day and harvest on the longest, or sometimes the other way around. I don't know. and no one seems to be able to tell me if there is any special reason for this rhyme, other than it takes about 6 months for garlic to mature.

So here begins the decent into winter. But try to ignore that. And try instead to enjoy the fullness of this wonderful season. Wild strawberries and fireflys, unhurried days between planting and harvest, when there is always a flower to smell, a fruit to relish, a birdsong to hear, and fill your soul with the delights and the stories. My soul fairly smiles at the simple, beautiful, and mysterious things that abound now.

I am reposting something that I hope will help me carry the spirit and wonder of the Solstice with me, may-be you will want to try it.

SOLSTICE SUNRISE: 5:07AM Eastern Daylight Time
SOLSTICE SUNSET: 8:25PM Eastern Daylight Time

Do what the sun does: Declare your finest intention at
first light and follow it as it rises with the day. Express
the fullness of your own inner illumination, your high
noon zenith. Shine light and warmth into the evening.
Set after a long day with the satisfaction of the glorious
lightness of being. ~~~ Donna Henes
Urban shaman and author of "Celestially Auspicious Occasions".

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