Saturday, June 4, 2011

HEE HEE HEE!!! silly me

Not that long ago when the weather was mostly foul,not to mention shitty and or sucky until further notice, a friend who had bought too many cantaloupes, while visiting his children, who live in warmer climes, gave us some. A very, very welcome gift. They were very ripe 'loupes and needed to be cleaned and put into the fridge immediately, if not sooner.
While gleefully slurping bits of this rare treat, scooping seeds and and playfully tossing them and the peels into the compost pail, in my exuberance some seeds landed in a disused flower pot (read "the plant had died"), I took the compost pail out and tossed it still playfully onto the rotting, no make that recomposting heap of vegetable matter. I placed the flowerpot gently on the picnic table, and be it general ,sloth, slovenliness or serendipity, when I went back to dump it several days later....
Hey! Presto!

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