Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lady Moon and sister star

Recently, my Enchanted friend and Moon Sister sent me several photos of the Moon, and I thought it would be neat to repost some of them for others to enjoy.

                                                                       ~photo credit unknown
Lady Moon and Sister Star
by Kitty Degler (1984)
via Sisterhood Of The Rose

Now I lay me down to rest.

I pray that all the world be blest.

Lady Moon and Sister Star

Watch over me from afar.

Mother Earth is always there

And keeps me safe within her care.

The Lord of Dreams will dance and sing

And happy dreams will to me bring.

And when I wake to greet the day

Brother Sun will light my way.


Unknown said...

This poem is one that I wrote as a Goodnight Prayer for my adopted daughter back in 1984. Would you please add my name to it? I am delighted to see it being shared, but would like to retain copyright to it. Thanks so much!

Kitty Degler

Avoiceinthewind said...

with pleasure

Silebt Sunday befor Memorial Day