Friday, June 3, 2011

Dirt socks

I finished spading my garden today, really should have been done about a month ago, the the abundant, or as I should say more than abundant rains, didn't make that an appealing job. And I do enjoy the work. I love all the little treasures I find, bits of broken glass and china, beads, may-be a marble or a button, sometimes a plastic dinosaur left over from the days when dinosaurs ruled in my son's corner of the garden.

The sound of the wind through the bare branches and the way it softens from a clicking sound to the sound ow swishing fabric, to the soft sound that reminds me of a far off river. The shapes of the clouds, and the shadow they cast across the ground, darkening clouds and the sound of distant thunder overwhelming a bright sky, the clatter of rain and that unmistakable smell, unmistakable fragrance of rain. The most amazing sight of the sun and the moon in the sky at once.

Occasionally a bird will sit on the fence and watch me, the moment I leave the garden several descend on the freshly spaded earth for a tasty treat. Their calls are like music in the background, it is an honor to watch them court, gather material to build a nest, and then sometimes see the little ones fledged.

Butterflies drift past, visiting each flower and sometime even use my shovel handle, or as one did today,me for a perch. Sooner or later I find a frog or two, who really have no time for my antics, even though I find them fascinating. Mother natures mousetrap. the snake, zips past me once in awhile, obviously in much more of a hurry than I am.

Sitting on the steps with a cold glass of water after I am done for the day and wondering if I really want to go inside ever again, I drag myself to my feet and limp over to the faucet to wash off my 'dirt socks',

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Haiku~~~lighteningbug's song

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