Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 page 1


Someone wrote, "Tomorrow is the first page in the book "2015" what will you write on it?" and that started me thinking, how is a year like a book?  It has a definite beginning and end and it does have a story line.  And then I got more than a little hung up on the idea of keeping a diary or journal, being like writing a book.  I used to keep a journal and it very much resembled this blog.  But that was  long ago, there are times when I wish I had it here still to reread.

So here goes, page 1.   Brilliant sunshine, just a touch of snow and bitterly cold.  No that would be my gardening journal, which is dull as ditchwater.
 I have heard it said that what you do on New Years Day you will be doing all year long.  So that would include, talking with friends, sharing memories with my family, working on my blog, admiring my Christmas tree, napping, and working just hard enough, not too hard.  Enjoying the quiet, not thinking too hard either, reveling in the strong and peaceful essence of my home.  You could say, and I would not argue that that is a part of that old belief.   You could also say that writing down what you want is a method for making wishes  come true, and I wouldn't argue with that either.  Does verbalizing a hope make it come true?  

Page 1
The calendar page turned and here I am ready to step off into new adventures, no matter how humble they might be, they are still my "adventures of everyday life."   Ready or not, like do I really have choice, here I come.

                                                ~~ARTS Oil City

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