Wednesday, December 31, 2014

When do you take down your Christmas Tree????

When do you take down your Christmas Tree?   Is there a special rule about that?  I know it was the custom to have all Yuletide décor down by January 6th, but then there is the superstition that states that it is bad luck to have any greens left up on Candlemas Day, Feb 2nd.

Probably it is just as well that there are no hard and fast rules.  In the day when trees were real and lit with candles, it probably a good thing if they were not left up long enough to become dry and even more of a fire hazard.
but now with all of the really realistic fake greenery, and much safer electric lights that is not as big a concern.  

The season begins a my house with Dec.6th and ends with January 6th, still my tree isn't brought in until the about the 12th-15th of December and then it is decorated over a period of days.  Ornaments are not so much carefully placed as they are admired and  the memories they bring back are savored.
And for many days and nights the tree gets more watching than the TV does.

It can take just as long to take down the tree as it does to decorated it, and for much the same reason.  But the day does come when its time to return  my "green pipecleaner" tree to it's place in the rafters.  

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