Monday, January 5, 2015

Some thoughts on the Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon, so named because hungry packs of wolves once prowled  the woodlands and edges of settlements in search of an easy meal, and still do in some places  The full moon happens early in the month this year and if it were later, as the lengthening days and deepening chill  made food even more scarce, the wolves would most certainly have come even closer to farmsteads and villages. 

A full moon on fresh snow is almost bright enough to read by and certainly bright enough to see the yard and woodlot beyond, if it weren't so bitter cold it would draw me out into the frozen garden so I could look up at the stars that are not masked by the moons icy glow.   But sometimes like now I prefer the warm glow of the fire and to dream of the warmth of spring while I am wrapped in the warmth of my quilt. 

  january's moon has other names, Ice moon, Breaking trees Moon, and the Moon after Yule.  Since we are still in the Yule Season, ending with TwelfthNight on the 6th.  I think I the  Moon after Yule,  is most appropriate now, the twinkling stars are so like the twinkling lights on my Christmas Tree.

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