Monday, March 4, 2013



child, maiden,mother,  crone
spring , summer, autumn. winter
exuberance, diligence, abundance, confidence
hope, progress, transformation, reward
wonder, education, knowledge, wisdom
dawn, daylight, twilight, night

birth, growth, maturity, death

The four seasons of the year, are linked with the four seasons of life. Winter is the Crone.   Her face, careworn, but softened by time, the spark of her life is fading she is preparing to pass on her legacy and complete her journey.  She like the earth has turned inward as her  life fades under winter's  frosts and snow, only to reemerge as new life.
 The traditionally maiden, mother, crone, framed a woman's life but Donna Henes proposed that there are 4 seasons to a woman's life; maiden. mother, queen and crone.  An idea that fits better with the gradual turning of one season to the next. Of one life to the next.

The Crone, gave birth to spring. summer, and autumn, she joins the end of the years turning with the beginning of the new year, she has see the wonders of youth, and the joys of love and lust, the pain and joy of giving birth, not only to her children and her ideas, but in her experience  and wisdom she has been the midwife to the next generation of ideas and children. in autumn she graced the world with her generosity and abundance, and as winter approached she began her journey back to the earth she came from.  Leaving her place  to be filled by new life,new ideas and new promise. 

Winter appears almost lifeless, for the most part. few plants remain green, there are a few birds, making their living on overwintering insects. The landscape is empty except for the animal tracks in the snow, a doe  that may-be still with last years faun and is already carrying a faun , a fox searches for unwary mice and  the owl calls for a mate.   Appearing to be dying, plants are merely waiting for the unseen work of their ever growing roots to swell buds into leaves at the first possible moment. Animals are waiting for those first green shoots, when they can provide for new life.

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