Wednesday, February 27, 2013


~~someone on Facebook

YES! YES! YES!  it surely is.  and when someone tells you not to worry, don't you just go out and worry all the more?

Whoever this mysterious , but wise enough to know that if you put a picture of a cat on it more people would pay attention,Facebook person is, he or she is correct.

Imagination is a wonderful and fanciful thing. most of mans great  inventions and ideas and leaps of faith started there.  A land of "what if" not a place of what is.  Worry can't effect the outcome, but it sure can effect the person doing the worrying.   

It's hard not to worry, especially when someone calls your attention to it  and if you have  plenty of nothing else to occupy your little grey cells, that only makes worrying easier..

I wonder if it would help if one told oneself that it was "all in your imagination?"   

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