Monday, May 21, 2012

me and tilly were chasing frogs

Tilly , my trusty rototiller, and I were grinding up the dry dusty clumps of soil in my garden, a multitude of little frogs were hopping everywhere.  We paused to chase them away, even scooping some of them up and carrying them to safety.  Meanwhile far, far away, there was an eclipse that thanks to the nice folks at "Earth Sky", those of use who don't live anywhere near it's path can still see what we missed. and we missed a lot.  Standing out there under the blazing Pennsylvania sun,one doesn't often get to say that,  I really was thinking more about a glass of ice water than the eclipse.
 Ellis, Kansas
 Odessa, Texas
but now a day later looking out the window at the rain, i can't think of much else. 

 Phoenix, Arizona

 Tokyo, Japan

I am in awe, and very grateful for the technology that brings these photos to me, that beings me glimpse of things I would never get to see otherwise.  Not all of the images are easy to look at. Some are easy to get lost in.   Puzzling, beautiful, artful rare, common and comical, they add to my life. They make it richer.  

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haiku~~~left them there

I know it for sure he just left them there, no reason and walked barefoot.