Saturday, May 26, 2012

"officially" summer?

~~~~~Vintage photo with the note Stokes Pogis
Churchyard ... July 1930

Decoration Day, as Memorial Day was often referred to back then, was a name that always confused me when I was a kid.  Because when people said decoration, I thought Christmas.  Every small town had a parade or some sort of Memorial Service, ice cream socials, putting small US flags in the folders that were so thickly coated with paint that on a warm day the flags would stick fast, having  to water flats of smelly petunias and marigold that would be  for the graves of relatives, .
Going to the spooky old graveyards with my parents and my neighbors to put those flowers  on the graves and sometime having to go back to cover and uncover those flowers, just in case there was a frost.  There were the Buddy Poppies sold by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, my Dad had served in WWII,  so always had to have one .  But in my youthful mind there was still a bigger prize, in a few days, school would be out.

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