Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snow on the flowers

It's not unusual to have snow in April, it snows most years, but there aren't as many flowers about to get buried under it!
This is what it looked like when I got up this morning.  Very pretty, but somehow unreal.  Like something out of  a legend about  an icy hearted Ice Queen.
But just like the Ice Queens icy heat melted I knew this scene would melt away, and out the door I went with my trusty camera. Even before I had my coffee.

A rare and beautiful sight, and so fragile. 

The rain could wash it away.
The sun could melt it.
The wind could knock it to the ground.
But for now....

Feeling very blessed to see such rare sights

To hear the birds singing in the snow and smell the woodsmoke, to feel the chill, watch the snow drift down and feel very alive.

" the beauty in the flower
the beauty in the hour."

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