Monday, April 9, 2012

A Day with the Fairys

Somewhere in my primary school education I learned that  fairies are particularly easy to see in April, I am pretty sure that it was part of a poem, but cannot remember enough of it to find it again on the great information super highway that requires more  than "dancing by Aprils brook, fairy folk if you look" to find results.  But no matter. 

Fairies are something I wonder about, perhaps they do exist,not so much because they are a part of our literature and folklore, but more because the idea had to come from somewhere.  Truthfully I can say that I have never met or even seen one, and if it were not for Sir Arthur Connan Doyle's being a believer, would probably never entertain the  subject, even though i know that at that time people were actively search for fairies.  But I am told that fairies can be anywhere, and can take many forms, to some they are like butterfly's and to others dragonfly's,  and some see them as tiny and exquisitely beautiful beings sweet and shy, and to still others they are mischievous and some times ill tempered creatures you might not want to have around.  I want to believe in Fairies, but elves, trolls and sprites are so much easier to believe in.

On my wanderings along paths and trails, I see tiny flowers, tiny creatures and things that though perfectly ordinary are magical to me. Moss covered stumps that look like homes and stones piled up that look like doorways.  If I were one of the forest folk  this would be an ideal place to live.  I feel sure that our Victorian forebears would have searched for fairies in lovely places like these.

The following quote is from a conversation I had on my Internet Machine, and it started me thinking about fairies in a new way.  Having always though of fairies as being much like children to me, she,  in a real way, is speaking about spending a day with fairies,  small  beings, who change in the blink of an eye, exquisite and mischievous, they grace us with with their laughter and wonder, as we wonder at them.  Small beings who have heir own kind of magic.

"I'm worn out myself after a hard day of play doh, doll houses, digging for
worms, chasing balls, blowing dandelion seeds, etc. with the munchkin
granddaughters. We found a lot of Spring wildflowers too. It was a lovely day here."

And as syncronicity , or may be the fairies would have it I happened on this photo, also on my Internet Machine.   the writing on the back is in French, so it is mysterious to me.
Could it be that this group of what appear to me to be older girls  who have taken their younger sister for a walk, to explore along a woodland path and see if any fairies have ventured out into the spring sunshine to see the first bits of greenery melt out of the snow just as the girls had?  They all look happy anyway and that is the important part. 

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