Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday..........the 13th, it's complicated and involves Math

Friday, January 13, 2012
13 weeks later
Friday, April 13,2012
13 weeks later
Friday, July 13, 2012

And according to the Mayan calender, this is the big one, the year the world goes POOF!!! or something like that. Which just might have been, just might, mind you have been and error is translation.  though one thing we can be certain of is that many things will happen that will change the world, this and every other year.

But this is not an omen, or portend of any kind it is a pattern that comes from the way our calender is constructed. any leap year that starts on  a Sunday will have  a Friday the 13th , in January, April and July.   Any non-leap year  that begins on a Thursday will have A Friday the 13th in February, March and November.  Wondrously, especially to a person like me who finds numbers of all kinds of number mystifying, our calender seems to have a 28 year cycle of recycling dates.

friggatriskaidekaphobia`~~~the irrational feat of Friday the 13th

But oh my my, Friday the 13th has such an unlucky meaning in Judeo-Christian traditions in that it was the day Adam and Eve were forced out of Eden and also that Jesus was crucified on a Friday the 13. 

Public executions were held on  this day, and according to custom there were 13 steps to the gallows and 13 loops in the the noose, 13 had become an unlucky number. and it was certainly unlucky for the Templar knights who were rounded up on a Friday the 13th imprisoned tortured and usually burned at the stake for heresy.

Friday takes it name from the Nordic Goddess Freya, sometimes Freia or Frig hence the old English  Frigedaeg. Freya is very much like the Roman Venus, for who Friday,  Dies Veneris, is also named. both  Freya and Venus, both of whom were symbols of fertility , domestic happiness, good fortune and love and luck. In many other cultures 13 is a lucky or even sacred number. 

My long time reader know that for most of my life I have look forward to those Fridays that fall on the !3th, because more often than not....

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