Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Save me a dance for old times sake

No, this was not what I had planned to write about today, not exactly anyway. 

I'm not sure how old i was when i stared watching Bandstand, marvelling at the cool looking gingham sack dresses and those sorta  short high heels, that all the girls where wearing, Never saw anything like those sprayed up hairdos where i lived.  It was where I first saw Chubby Checker, and the Twist, and where I saw Frankie Avalon, who not only had amazing hair , but an amazing name.  Bobby Darrin sang my favorite song "Mack the Knife" with it's long list of names, yes, I guess you could say I am fascinated by names.

There was the Top 10 Countdown" of most popular singles (45 rpm records) I always wondered how they knew what  45s we country girls were buying at McCrorys, I never saw the clerk write anything down.  The Beach Boys were there, lip syncing to their records, music like I had never heard before, and really loved.  Then The Beatles came along, I don't think they were ever on Bandstand. But music became more sophisticated and soon it was only on once a week.  Then it disappeared, but not from the minds of those to  whom every afternoon after school Bandstand was a must watch.  Music had left Bandstand behind, to become something to look back on as a part of a simpler , and more fun time.

Dick Clark, the worlds oldest teenager, left this world today. He left it richer, he left behind confidence and courage and self esteem in those kids who danced on his show.

And, Mr. Clark, please save a dance for me for old times sake.

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