Friday, April 20, 2012

Good bye, Mr Frid

Goodbye, Mr Frid.   It seems like only yesterday I followed the life of the character you created, everyday after school.  You are my second goodbye this week.  Dark Shadows was a source for my interest in so many things, including my interest in  architecture.  I wanted to work behind the scenes  in special effects because of you.  I learned some vampire history, but I also learned a lot of world history because of you. 
It was fun to be a little scared as I walked home through the woods  those winter afternoons after watching Dark Shadows with friends.  I remember thinking what it would be like to live in Collinwood, and  wearing fabulous old fashioned clothes, and being in a world outsiders could never fathom. An elegant and somewhat, but always tastefully dangerous world.

Goodbye Mr. Frid and thank you!

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