Sunday, May 22, 2011

the old west,acording to us

Long ago and far away in that not always carefree land of childhood, we played cowboys and Indians alot. I was always an Indian, you might call it typecasting.
We roamed the hills and fields behind our house raiding and pillaging and always taking time to talk about the latest western movie or TV show we had watched, and adding fresh details to our "stores of knowledge" about the olden days. Our guns, knives and bows and arrows were made from found objects, which made us one motley looking crew indeed, I do wish someone had taken a picture of us, with our "finery", but no one ever did. I remember my headress was a piece of green fabric with some other strips of fabric tied to it. The Cavalry officer had an old fedora and old belts for bandoliers and a sword that really looked a lot like a piece of wood. The cavalry scout actually had a feather in his hat. I think the hat may have belonged to his Grandmother and he just removed most of the veil and flowers. leaving the feather plume. There were. of course, a few coon skin caps, and a couple of cap pistols, but most of it was "made do". Not so sure that the people of 100 years before hadn't used similar techniques .

Later in the summer , a few weeks before school started, the carnival came to town. We were very excited about the rides and the games, and one year an arcade. At the one side of the huge arcade tent off in the corner were several machines that looked alot like refrigerators, they had images of "the Wild West " on them. If you put in a penny and turned the knob you got a postcard, with an old West scene or portrait. I got Geronimo.

“Geronimo’s Cadillac”
Michael Martin Murphy

Well they put Geronimo in jail down south
Where he couldn't look the gift horse in the mouth
Sergeant, sergeant, don't you feel
There's something wrong with that automobile
Governor, governor, isn't it strang
They didn’t have no cars on the Indian range
Warden, warden, please listen to me
Be brave and set Geronimo free


Whoa boys, take me back
I want to ride in Geronimo's Cadillac
Whoa boys, take me back
I want to ride in Geronimo's Cadillac
Let me ride, let me ride

Warden, warden, don't you know
Prisoners have no place to go
They took old Geronimo by storm
Ripped off the feathers from his uniform

Jesus tells me I believe its true
The red man is in the sunset too
Took all his land, now they won't give it back
And they sent Geronimo a Cadillac


That's Geronimo in the top hat, driving a 1905 Locomobile Model C. this was taken on 6-11-05, when he was still imprisoned, this and other photos were taken that day for the press of the time.

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