Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More of Ivy's story

Ivy poured hot water onto the instant coffee in her favorite mug, and added a splash of chocolate milk, with this she washed down some ibuprofen. Three days of yard work had left her with more aches than muscles and joints.
Settling into her favorite chair she watched the misty rain, knowing that even though she would complain bitterly about how it was setting her gardening back, she welcomed the rest. The planter of mini daffs were waiting to be planted out by the front door. Lightening flashed in the sky over Jackass hill, electric lace shooting across the early morning sky. the old man who lived up there with wife and 14 children, made the carvings used by the furniture company in the next town, until it went out of business. The old woodcarver also raised mules, very good mules so everyone said, after his death they all got loose during a thunderstorm and Will took her and the children and helped round them up.
Rain was dashing against the window and ivy sunk deeper into her chair and wrapped the afghan around herself, smiling contently at the fierceness of it's beauty. this was just one of those days she was going to have to find something else to do. A good day to get the bills in order and perhaps write a letter. A better day to daydream.

The lilacs were finally starting to bloom, the darker purples first and finally the delicate white ones, how they would soon perfume the air. Sometimes Ivy would bring a few into the house, but they were best enjoyed out side. During breaks in the rain the tiny hummingbirds would come to the flowering quince for a sip of nectar. One might think that a drop of rain could knock these creatures out of the air. Ivy watched and dozed off, awoke and watched some more. Reality melted into story, and time was something she could travel through.

Will's voice floated over the field of ripe dandelions, the silken seeds floated like snowflakes and clung to their clothes, "Ivy, I have something to ask you. would you be this carpenter's wife?". Ivy startled, she was back in her living room, again. She looked down at her hands, studying them
looking for awhile, as if they held the answer. She looked intently at the photos of Will she had placed around the room, and then back at her hands. Her strong and capable hands, he said "your strong and capable hands love of my life" and then he was gone.

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Haiku~~~lighteningbug's song

No moon and no stars lightening bugs flicker past watch the sparks of love's song