Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday afternoon thoiughts

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What a wonderful day, I awoke to the sounds of icicles crashing down.
True, there are still cold and blustery days ahead, the suns angle is higher and the cheerful rainbows cast by the prisms in my kitchen window are smaller, fewer in number, appear earlier in the day, and no longer shine into the interior rooms. The sun is warm on my face and hands, which always makes me think about the the auction I went to so many years ago, and stood for hours in the late February sun and never bought a thing...but got a sunburn! The sunshine, now being strong enough to warm up tree trunks, clothes poles and telephone poles and even foundations causing them to melt away the blanket of snow. swirled so snugly around them by the winter wind.
No it's not over yet, but the snow is melting off the roof and the eves drip like there is a rainstorm going on, and the air is thick with moisture. There is something new going on, sap is rising, and there are stirrings.

Today is also, purely by chance is Paternalia, the first day of the Roman Feast days remembering the dead, these end on the 21st, a day called Ferailia, which has some characteristics of Hallows Eve.

Where am I going with all of this, no where, just rambling on a Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoons were just made for rambling, and pancakes.

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