Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Full Moon

Ah, the moon is full, and surrounded by a halo of clouds, as you can see from the photos I just took. It is possible there will be a display of the Northern Lights tonight, but it will be difficult to see.

The full moon of February has been called the Wolf Moon, was hungry wolves prowled the woods looking for whatever they could find. Their hungry calls must have filled the air and left people feeling very glad to be indoors. Likewise it has been called the Hunger Moon, the provisions stored away from the harvest having dwindled. The Storm Moon and the Candle Moon which seem to go well together if you live in an area where every time there is a storm the power goes off, are also names for it.

Sometimes called the Quickening Moon, unseen the earth is quickening under it's snowy blanket. A moon of new beginnings and hope for the approaching warmth of Springtime. I would love to break through the snows icy crust and see if I can find any green shoots beneath. but then if I didn't find any...........

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Haiku~~~lighteningbug's song

No moon and no stars lightening bugs flicker past watch the sparks of love's song