Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tennesee Ernie Ford, sings Amazing Grace

If you know me at all you know you are unlikely to find me in a church on a Sunday morning.   But Amazing Grace became a favorite probably the first time I heard it.

Many years ago in a place called childhood, when radios were big and clunky and didn't run on batteries, also they were much more common that TV, there was a program on everyday at noon called the Tennessee Ernie Ford Show. 

It was probably sponsored by Ford Motor company, or anyway that is what made sense to my little kiddo brain.  He had guests and told stories, well that was a long time ago and I have forgotten alot. But never that  incredible voice.  When he sang  "16 Tons of number 9 coal..." it gave me chills. 
Living  much of my young life just down the road from a coal mine, and even closer to a coal tipple, and being an inquisitive, pesty child I am sure I asked my uncles if they shoveled that much coal when came home in the evening coated with black dust, also remember how I wondered why their glasses were clean if the rest of them was so dirty.

My grandmother was a church musician and I think we listened so she could hear the Spirituals, though. Thanks to the wonders of YOUTUBE I can now share the  song that hat has stayed with me ever since.

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