Friday, September 22, 2017

Equinox ramble

Good Greetings, Gentle Readers,

Merry Mabon,  Equinox Blessings

At this turning part of the year, with the past solidly behind me, I found myself on the edge of a reflection of years past, nothing solid everything mutable and moving, but still beautiful, and spreading invitingly ahead of me.
 It seems to me that  because the Equinox marks the halves of the year, growing and dormant  It is a time for looking back in thanksgiving and forward with hope, the transitions, or thresholds, that  make up the path thru life, from plenty to scarcity and back again; from mental work to physical work and so forth.  Flowing slowly from one to the other, the Solstices are reminders to stop, celebrate, plan and prepare. 

At  some point I decided to begin wishing people a Blessed Equinox,  and was pleasantly surprised by most people's response.   Unlike our ancestors, we aren't confined by distance or even by climate, we are still admonished  that we are not the masters of winds, weather and waves.  the length of the day, the amount of sunshine and blue skies still effects our moods, as we move through the seasons.  We are now much more free to enjoy the changing world,  still finding some  seasons less comfortable, less happy, or more enjoyable.   For our ever increasing separation form nature,the changing seasons might be hardwired into out souls and moods.

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