Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cats just gotta dress up for Halloween

 Cats and Halloween, seem to fit together. Probably because of their association with witches. I have heard many versions of how this association came to be.  The cats eyes reflecting the fire's glow, as it warmed itself by the hearth where the cauldron and broom also where, possibly gave rise to an association with the glowing eyes of the Devil, who was believed a very real creature during the Dark Ages. Capable of transforming himself into any shape and recruiting hapless women into his service.  Though the black cat was the most suspect, any cat cold be a familiar.  Cats were often placed in baskets and burned when their mistress was burned for practicing witchcraft.
Cats were regarded as working
animals, not so much pets.  The Church directed that cats were to be hunted and killed, the decrease in the cat population led to an increase in the rodent population which is one of the explanations for the rise of the plague.  Germs, virus, etc, were unknown and the Plague was blamed on evil forces, unfortunately that led to more cat hunting, and this led to....well you guessed it. 
 So may-be that is why cats love to dress up for Halloween, or not. 


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