Sunday, July 12, 2015

wordy Silent sunday....caution might make you question

This astoundingly diverse big blue marble, this place we live on , this immense chunk of living rock. What a wonder, and it is resilient, daring, surprising.   We think of ourselves as being the only things that have a will to live, but I am far from sure of that. 
There is a force in all living things including the Earth itself. 
Somewhere in the very distant past I learned that , seeds had the ability to break through pavement, I think it was called turgor, and could force their way into our world.     Plants  will try to colonize  anything anywhere and that is in my mind, a form of healing the earth,  I guess that means healing it from the harm we humans have done to it

The very earth is a living, is a belief, held by many, including me.



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