Saturday, July 11, 2015

Housekeeping hints from a slob

I am a slob, and I hate housework!!!!
But I am damned good at throwing things away.
So here is a partial list of things I would toss, give away recycle, what ever just  get them out of my house.

1. Potting soil that is clumpy and smells bad.
2. Shoes
-the ones that hurt
-the ones that look funny
-the ones you say "What was I thinking when I bought those?
- and while I'm about it, toss out all of those old worn through boot liners, you don't need them, and will never use them.

3. all those cute jars you were gonna make candles in

4.all those onion bags you were gonna collect pine cones so you could use them for craft projects or fire starters, of course you could put a few pine cones in a box for fire starters, it is real frustrating , real frustrating, to try and get a pine cone out of a net bag anyway

5. brooms that have broken handles and/or have lost most of their bristles

6.  broken lawn chairs, these are a hazard, and take up a lot of space

7. those cheap plastic flower pots that you always think you will reuse, but then they get all crackly and crumbly from the sun

8.  recycle all of those old liquor bottles you were gonna to put daffodils in next spring and then adorn you Easter table with them

9. all those chipped beer mugs and glasses, they are a hazard, swallowing broken glass is a bad thing, but you could put daffodils in those, or not

10. discolored and half melted plastic/nylon whatever kitchen utensils

11. Yeah, and those yogurt cups, margarine tubs and sherbert containers, recycle or dump them

12. commercial plastic containers, you know the kind I mean, that are mismatched, dispose of these also

13. though canned food lasts longer than you might think if it is stored correctly, get rid of those outdated cans and bottles of food, or alternately get a marker, scribble "brains" on them and save them for the Zombies

14. bent up silverware, chipped and cracked plates, and those just waiting to explode cracked pieces of ovenware

15. outdated coupons, old magazines, unused books and that includes cookbooks, and old newspapers!!  Some of these things can be recycled, or given away, old newspapers can have some uses. I read somewhere that you should discard newspapers older that 2 years because they can start a fire all by their little selves  with the heat generated from decomposition.

16.  Small appliances and lamps that don't work right.  Can you say electrocution?

17.   Scissors that can't be sharpened readily.

18.   Throw out those throw rugs before someone trips over them.

19. Pens that don't write, dried up markers, pencils without erasers, they are history. and those old calendars with the "great" pictures and used greeting cards, and rubber bands too, especially the ones from broccoli and the ones that are all cracked or sticky.

20. Old clothes, though the cotton ones can be ripped up and used for rags, "been there done that, bought the tshirt, wore it out and ripped it up and used it for rags".

21. Padded envelopes, and bubble wrap, see if you can find someone who needs these, because they are expensive items.  Ask, anyone who ships things, like for EBAY or Etsy, small shops, or  consignment stores might welcome them for packing up purchases,  but get rid of them.

22. Old make up. and other personal products....'germ farms' need I say more.

23.  All of those old cords and cables. or you could use them to tie up the other stuff you are hauling away.
24. almost anything that you have been meaning to fix for over 3 years, especially those Christmas lights, the little twinkle ones where only half the  string lights up, are out the door

25.  And for bonus points, these days almost everyone has extra furniture items that others just might find useful, so please donate

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