Wednesday, June 17, 2015

teachers, learning, some random rambling thoughts


When I say "teacher" what comes to your mind? 

Probably school, right?  I had a few remarkable teachers in school.

I learned many things in school, but most of them were not part of the curriculum.   Ann E Moss

More to the point teachers are everywhere, my feeling is that we all know that, but seldom acknowledge it.  Life really is a learning experience, learning curve, call it what you will, it is all about being alive and aware.  Every one you meet will have something to teach you, some gift of learning is left behind, be it good or be it sweet;  be it bad or be it bitter, and sometimes be it hard to tell what it was until years down the road.    In this immense cashe of knowledge there are practical things, like " go fishing everyday after work, only keep the smack fish and dig a deep hole under each tomato plant etc, etc" and how to get extra play out of the Juke Box without getting electrocuted, and many, many lessons about how to be a  better and/or worse person.

Where am I going with this??? Even I don't know, oh yes.

" Your circle of interests is the distance between the tip of your nose and you farthest imagination." somewhat paraphrased from my greatest mentor Arlene Heath.    And here is where the best teacher you have ever had come in.   That teacher is yourself.  

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