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june 19th world sauntering day

World Sauntering Day

When : Always June 19th World Sauntering Day is a day to saunter here and there, wherever you go. You can spend your life walking through life, jogging through life, or being dragged through life. But, life is far more enjoyable, if you saunter through it. Its doubly true if you saunter with a friend or loved one. Sauntering is not a walk, jog, trot, or run. Sauntering is a form of strolling. Sauntering is a very casual, yet stylish, form of movement from point A to Point B. The dictionary defines sauntering as walking along slowly, happily and aimlessly. Now, doesn't this sound like a grand way to get around? On World Sauntering Day, practice your sauntering technique. Saunter everywhere you go.

The Origin of World Sauntering Day: This day was created in the 1970's by W. T. Rabe at Mackinac Island, Michigan while he was the Public Relations Director for a hotel on the island. Rabe was well known for his publicity stunts

Sauntering along, just and enjoying the saunter.   Sauntering, walking for the pure joy of walking, with no goal, walking with no reason. but enjoying it,  sounds like something people did along  time ago.  Yes sauntering is from a bygone time, when people had to haul water, grow their own vegetable, preserve food for winter, either raise or  hunt for their own meat.  Build their own homes. make their own clothes, Didn't have dishwashers or washing machines , yes I could go on but won't.
Still they found time to saunter out and look at the world around them, to remark on it's beauty in  journals, and learn the names and habits of the flora and fauna.
Walking wasn't exercise, but relaxation,  and balm for the soul.  and perhaps the chance to sample a few of natures sweet treats, like wild strawberries.  sauntering surely isn't an activity to be rushed,  it is an activity to be savored, and an activity to "see and be seen" at.   One doesn't have to saunter down a  woodland path, one could saunter down main street on a Friday evening, perhaps to see some friends or
even make new ones.
 Deep and profound thoughts could be thought, and well may-be not particular thoughts, at all.   But enough of this "good old days" talk, shall we rocket to  the present?  After all that is where we are living.   A time in which every action seems to need a purpose every  excursion needs a definite destination, does that sound like"so no fun" or what.   
That may-be is the attraction of the word Sauntering, that it doesn't imply a specific purpose, other than enjoyment. Or a specific time frame to get to and return from wherever one chooses to saunter to.  A total lack of structure, and purposeful productivity, with a side of style and  fun,
Yes, that is appealing to me, there is just too much structure.  Imagine walking considered only as a way to get somewhere, or worse yet as something that is good for you.

Shall one grab ones camera and call a friend or two and saunter down the avenue?  An avenue through the woods or orchard, or an avenue of concrete and bricks it makes no difference.  And remember you don't have to come back home or be anywhere until you want to.


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