Wednesday, April 1, 2015

it snowed, no joke


Mother nature in her wisdom, choose to play and April Fool on us one Day early, it could have been much worse I guess.
So come for a virtual stroll around the grounds with me, and the birds who don't seem to mind the snow. That's my big mitt showing you the approximate depth of the snow.

The insulators didn't seem to mind it either.
while I on the other hand, was really surprised and not at all thrilled to have sweeping and shoveling to do.

I have to admit it was much prettier than the dirty snow and dead grass it was covering up.

Snow clings like frosting to the trees , and the bird song, which really seem out of place, is other worldly.


The smudge on some photos isn't something paranormal, it's a big fat snowflake!

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Silent sunday~~~the way it was