Friday, April 3, 2015

April's Full moon

The beautiful full Pink Moon of April, a magical and romantic moon, is tomorrow but tonight there will be an eclipse, one is sadly not likely to view it.  The sky is overcast and snow is forecast for morning, and I live in an area where only a partial eclipse will be visible.
I include a link with more information.
and one to watch it on

A faint glow in the clouds rising above the pines, this moon makes the transition between the cold months and its drawing inward, and the green and growing times, when ones life expands in the warming sunlight.  It's the Seed moon, Awakening Moon, Egg Moon, Frog Moon, Willow Moon, Growing Green Moon, Flower Moon, when the first flowers are see.  Perched between, the Breaking Ice Moon, Snow on the lake Moon, Wind Moon, Strong moon, and the Ostera Moon, Pascal moon, Moon when Nothing Happens, is the Sap Boiling Moon, Fishing Moon, Planting moon, and the Ashes Moon, when the built up ashes are removed from the hearth, perhaps? 

I could call it the Waiting Moon, waiting for the snow to melt, the ground to thaw, the rain to stop, the sun to come out and the rhubarb, walking onions and horseradish to sprout through the ground.
Today I watched a robin courting it's own image in a gazing ball and that perhaps this could be called the Quickening Moon, or Courting Moon.
Greening Moon, yes, winter weary and looking for green, tree buds and flowers, this year that is definitely my favorite name. so gentle reader  join me in dancing under  the full moon, even if you choose to dance in the Greenings Moon's glow through your living room window.

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