Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Full Worm Moon, and other stuff

The Moon is rising right now,  flooding the snowy landscape with it shimmering light, it is beautiful even though the temps are below 0F, a little more than an hour after sunset.  Last night it was almost possible it was to read by the light of the moon. 

Tonight's moon is at it's apogee, or farthest from the earth, as it cycles through it's elliptical orbit.  For this reason  it appears smaller.  Not that I notice much difference as it ascends like a glowing pearl through the bare branches.

The Algonquin Indians called this the Sap Moon, a time when the sweet maple sap rises and is collected and boiled down into maple syrup.  They also referred to this moon as the Worm moon, because earth worms were seen in the thawing soil.  It has been awhile since we have seen soil around here, and I think that the earthers are still in hibernation, safely hibernating from the bitter cold, as I would like to be.  But the sap is rising, and soon the sun and lengthening days will prevail.

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