Saturday, February 14, 2015


Happy Valentines Day, dear Readers!
The memories I have of snowy Valentines Days long past walking home with my homemade Valentine box filled with Valentines from my classmates are good memories, you always knew who was sweet on you because there was often a piece of candy taped to the  dime store Valentine card. or a few extra words.  Who knew "you smell like a rabbit" was/is a compliment.  Home made cards were out of style in the late 50s, but looking back on it getting one was probably a compliment.
By the time I reached the 7th grade, there were no more Valentine exchanges, but there was a display of old Valentines dating back to the early 1900s in a showcase in the hallway near the Home Economics rooms.  I had never seen such fancy cards, and spent enough time looking at them to be late for class many days.
Yes, I feel this is a "greeting card" holiday, and largely ignore it, but still ....


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