Friday, December 26, 2014

Twas the day after Christmas

twas the day after Christmas
I rose at first light
for the event I have dreamed of
night after night

I crept to the kitchen
after a cup of strong  coffee
I was off in my old car
to a half price buying spree

the parking lot was not plowed
nobody was there
I parked near the doors
under a street lights glare

Slow and surely
the bargain hunters came
and after all these years
we knew each other by name

the plow began plowing
he gave us a grin,
he admires our dedication
and didn't plow us in

the employees
began to arrive
this is what makes
this bargain hunter feel alive

I counted the seconds
my eyes on the door
I wanted that white tree
and may-be a few things more

The door swung open
I sprang from my car
and launch my self
well almost that far

Inside it was chaos
an everyone ran
and loading their carts
as full as they can

An I stood there for a moment
and admired that white tree
 with mighty heave
it was coming with me

I garbed lights and light bulbs
tinsel, paper and ribbon
tags and ornaments, pine cones
and even a stuffed gibbon

Cookies and candies
all in pretty tins
and to leave Cristmas cards behind
would surely be a sin

I struggled though the checkout
and then out the door
I filled up the trunk and most of the backseat
but there was still room for more

Pushing my empty cart
back through the door
I look around
and find there is more!

fruitcake, nutcrackers, ugly sweaters
mugs, socks and gift bags
paper goods and even holiday paper towels
tablecloths, curtain and luggage tags

I struggle to my car
and the snow begins to fall
and I think it will be awhile
before I feel like shopping at all

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