Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The sun rises a bit later and sets a bit later each day and the suns angle is changing,
The lowering suns rays passing through the prisms  hung at each window  casts rainbows on my walls.   They are a delight to see. even though I know they signal the approaching cold and dark months.
Autumnal  light is clear, and tinged with warm golds , reds and burgundys.   Almost glowing especially at sunrise  and sunset

The shadows are soft , details are clearly visible.

The morning fogs, so common at this time of year are warm and golden from be backlit by the rising sun.   When I see them I am reminded of how the veil between worlds becomes ever thinner at this time of year.  And of the shapes that change as the fog lifts and rolls across the landscape.

 Diffused and warm, it softens hard edges, but lets us see the details clearly, creating a dreamlike landscape.

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haiku~~~left them there

I know it for sure he just left them there, no reason and walked barefoot.