Sunday, October 19, 2014

last of the tomatos

What a beautiful day, fresh breeze, sparkling sunshine, bright blue sky.   After my morning chores, I sat on the deck for awhile, just listening to the leaves rustling, and
enjoying the sun.  The leaves still on the trees fairly sparkled in the sun.   Delicate clouds sailed overhead and everything was peaceful, the woods were quite, no birdsong, not even a barking dog.  there was a chill in the breeze, but I was enjoying it.

This year there were very few apples, last year they weight of apples bent and even broke limbs.  This year the apples are small and few and far between.  Summer was cold and rainy mostly , with a few bursts of extreme heat.  Much better for growing mold and fungi than, vegetable gardens. 

The snap beans loved the weather, but the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers didn't.
Still there were some, and the taste of fresh cucumber sandwiches was all the better, for that..I thought that the first tomato would never ripen.  But they did, and they were so very good.  For the last two months, sliced tomatoes have been on the supper table almost every night. Tonight, I sliced up the last of them.   I saved some of the seed, and hopefully next spring I will start those seeds.  Canned and frozen,  we will enjoy the bounty of extras in the coming months, but the taste of  a fresh homegrown tomato, is a very long way away.

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