Monday, March 3, 2014

Weather Preparedness Week

put a shortcut to this site on you desktop
put it on your mobile device
It can pinpoint with relative accuracy the weather in your area.
Or an area where you have friends, family or are just curious about.
It can save your life and your property. Also it updates frequently and  after a very little bit of practice it is fun to use.
 Severe storms, are they more frequent or are they just more noticeable because there are more people, and people living in areas that were uninhabited a couple decades ago.  Probably all of those things are factors.  And as the weatherman/woman always says, the weather has always had extremes that is why there are averaged temperature and averaged conditions.  But here I am repeating things that you already know.

No, I promise no stories about near misses with tornadoes, thought in fact I have had several.  Or the how I would have been trapped by a winter storm if I hadn't visited this site, 'cause that didn't happen.  or how I was prepared for an ice storm that knocked out phone and power for days, that did happen.   Scare tactics are...well scary.

How about this one, I called my aging parents to warn them that there was a big snowstorm coming, they weren't home.  When they came home they called me, and I told them about the storm coming so they didn't plant the grassseed  they had just bought, that was in March of 1993.
Or one day I was going to hang freshly washed quilts on the line, then go into town. I checked the weather forecast first, the charts indicated it would be raining at about 9:30 AM, that was in a few minutes, the sky was clear and the sun was shinning..."el wrongo", I scoffed, however by the time I had  the quilts ready to hang the sky had turned dark, and it pelted down rain all  that day.

Or the time we packed up our campsite very early on a sunny Sunday morning, and were home  cozy and dry before it began sleeting that afternoon.

 And as a thank you for reading  all this stuff and hopefully at least considering my advice, here is a "cuteness overload" baby polar bear.

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