Wednesday, January 22, 2014


~~artist unknown

"Mother nature alwyas wins!"  said the woman standing on the melting tundra watching her airstrip get washed away.

Nature, Mother Nature does always win.   In everything from the weather to the landscape to aging, we humans keep trying to change the natural order of things, and it is at best a temporary fix.  People keep trying and we keep loosing.   We cannot  change her , but she can and does change us

The thought running through my head like a freight train is that we probably wouldn't want to live in a static world.   Mother nature has storms and fury and tremendous power  to cause damage and loss of life.  but she also can create great beauty.   Even as a part of the destruction.
Create stillness peace and calm in the aftermath of destruction.
Create the fearful splendor of a volcanic eruption, or the sparkling designs of freezing.
Create the flight of an autumn leaf or the roar of a waterfall. 
Our world is sculpted by glaciers and moulded by rushing water, and great huge sheets of ice.   Added to by volcanoes and subtracted from by erosion, and sometimes the other way round.  And we get to watch.   Hopefully at a safe distance.  I am feeling awfully poetic for someone who is shivering through some unusually cold days.

And so I find myself a few  days before the midpoint of winter, with a still well stocked pantry, and enough wood and coal to last for awhile, entertained by the rainbows that dance around my kitchen when the prism hanging in the windows are struck by the low angled rays of sunlight.   It is really cold, and all I can think of is planting a garden.
The earth is still dormant, at least it would appear, and has not made its transition into it gestational phase apparent here in the frozen woodlands.   the gardener in my heart has other ideas, dreams might be a better word.  The tempting offerings in seed catalogs fuel my dreams, even though I have never had any success with some vegetables, well this could be the year. this could be the year I finally grow bottle gourds, a giant pumpkin, and Brussels sprouts.

But then again, Mother nature always wins.

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