Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mr. Gonopolis And His 12 Holsteins - A Christmas Story

mrgonopolis_07Mr. Gonopolis And His 12 Holsteins - A Christmas Story

It's Christmas Eve! and not a creature is stirring, well may-be a mouse, the hustle and hurry are over there is only "one more sleep 'til Christmas Day" as Kermit Cachet sang in a "Muppets Christmas." But I can't sleep. It has been alot of years since this house had youngster living in it.    What to do, what to do? 

I stared at the mantle piece, "and it hit me like a shovel to the head"....for years that mantel had been the home to a home made  tableaux of  "Mr. Gonopolis And His 12 Holsteins", and I wondered if  may-be through the miracle of YouTube, well just may-be, so I began to search, and nothing.  but Google never fails me...and I found a link to the story book.  and read it to a big kid, and that would be me.  The time was I read that at least once everyday through the Christmas Season, which starts on December 1st and ends on January 6th or 7th  for us.  Sometimes I even read it during the summer. and time was I really got tired of reading it,  All I need to do is find some plastic Holsteins on Christmas Eve to make things complete.

So  put on your  jammies and pour yourself some AppleJack, then click the link under the picture, and read with me. 

"And to all a Good Night"

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