Sunday, December 22, 2013


On Christmas Eve Christkind brings gifts to children in Germany, much of central Europe, parts of Brazil, Louisiana, and some parts of central America.

Martin Luther developed the Christkind in the 16th century,  a representation of the Christ Child, depicted a a youthful blond girl with wings.  He also was instrumental in moving the date of gift giving from Dec 6th feast of the Catholic St Nicholas Prohibited by the Bible.  It is the Christkind who leaves the gifts for the children on Christmas Eve, that is if they don't try to snoop and catch a glimpse, and upon leaving the house the Christkind rings a small bell to announce the children my  find their gifts under the tree.

The Christkind is also a symbol of hope after destruction and the personal relationship between a person and Jesus Christ.

Christkind, and it diminutive Christkindl can be found walking through the Christkindl Markets, held each year.
The markets sell toys and decor,  food and other items related to the celebration of Christmas.   Christkindl Markets have been  established in many towns and cities, even in America.  Especially in Europe teenage girls  dressed as Christkindl  walk through the market talking with children and adults, this is a relatively new addition to the  very old tradition of Christkindlmarket.  

If you notice a similarity between the name Kris Kringle and the name Christkindl, you are meant to.

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