Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Well, hells bells, one gets Christmassed out before Christmas even gets here.

That is pretty harsh, the image of elves drowning reindeer fawns, I mean, it really is.   But so is seeing Christmas decor in the stores before Halloween.  Worse still is seeing Christmas 'lay away' commercials while one is handing out candy to the Trick or Treators!    

Cabelas has been running an add that talks about bringing the  bringing the "magic of childhood Christmases" back.  I don't recall that commercial  before Halloween,  considering that most of the male Trick or Treators old enough to put on their own costumes, seem to be dressed in camo, I think they missed their market, they should have gone for Halloween costumes.  Though if they do manage to bring that magic back, I applaud them.  I for one would like to experience that again. 

Perhaps it would help to remember that there was a long drawn out period of anticipation first for the Thanksgiving holiday from school and then for the turkey dinner itself, then for the stores to decorate and the town to decorate the Main Street and finally for decorating our own house,  and then for the week to ten days off school and of course Christmas itself.  That amount of  anticipation with in a few weeks  was  in itself  dizzying and magical.  I, for one was ready to go back to school, and show off my new stuff.  But drawing it out over months.....EL YUCKO!!!!

Ah, yes the holiday tunes have been playing on the subscription radio channels for awhile now....not that I mind a  little Christmas music on a snowy day.
And what of the great American Holiday of Thanksgiving???  a day we looked forward to stuffing ourselves with  rich foods and then watching the eyelid theatre on the couch.    More like "lets  go out to eat so we can get to the early  bird Black Friday sales"....  as in 'We are Thankful for everything we have amassed, but  lets go out and get some more.  Right now.' 

The custom of lighting up ones Christmas display on Thanksgiving night is more than alright by me, though.  The climate here is unpredictable and people who are generous enough to put out large and  complicated displays, often start in early November, but hopefully they refrain from lighting them, except for testing purposes, and may-be the first snowflakes of the season, and just a may-be for that. 

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