Saturday, November 16, 2013

The fullness of the November moon

~~ artist unknown

May-be you have noticed that the sky looks a little different, there seem to be more stars.  So make a wish on one while you gaze on the beauty of the full moon. That same full moon we are all under.   After all this is the first month of a new year, if you follow the ancient agrarian year.

   The Gathering or Gathering in Moon, and people sat together under the Trading Moon, and traded stories, ideas, new learnings, foodstuffs and things they had made. I am sure that they talked about the lengthening night  at this Dark moon, and may-be how it's light shining through the bare trees had made it possible to walk here and and enjoyed the warmth of a fire, and the warmth of friends and family under  the Fire Moon, If you are unfamiliar with heating a building with fire, it is a delightful warmth that strives to make everything warm, warm to the core.  If however it is too warm outside  the chimney will not draft well and the building will be smokey, also the building may become uncomfortably hot, so it is best to wait  until the weather is truly cold enough. It is intense heat that can overheat one's face while freezing ones back, until the everything becomes evenly heated and it begins to be a radiant heat warming ones chilled bones.   Plans were made on the Hunter Moons no doubt, it was after all the Rutting Moon, the Deer Moon, the Flying Geese Moon, a time when animals were not as wary and easier to hunt.

The first moon of a new year, would be a time to look forward. and plan and dream about the coming year.  the Moon of Storms and  Frosted ground Moon gave them plenty of time to make repairs and even improvements, and to think.

Gathering Moon,  Gathering in Moon, Beaver Moon, Bison Moon, Blood Moon,, Dark Moon,  Rutting Moon, Eleventh Moon, Fire Moon,  Holy Frost Moon, Hunter's Moon, Freezing  Moon, Moon of Storms, Shaking Leaves moon,  Deer Moon, Antlers Moon  Snow Moon,  Trading Moon, Trail Moon, Tree Moon, ;Frosted Ground Moon, White Moon, Flying Geese Moon.

Look at the moon!
Look at the moon.
Look at the moon.
~ from "Hair"

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