Friday, June 14, 2013

And I still play in the mud.

When I was a youngster, I used to love to play in the mud.  I had the best time digging holes, and building  dirt piles,  pouring water into the holes and making my own mudpuddle.  Once I tried planting some  pumpkin seeds and a few kernals of indiuan corn, must o0f them got shyrned into the next mudpuddle, but a few did grow to maturity.  Damnation i was was one proud little kid.  A couple of scraggaly ears of Indian Corn and a pumpkin TWICE the size of a baseball.

So far this year summer could be described as cold and very wet, but the tomatoes needed to be planted.  I like to plant my tomatoes, in fact any plant right before it rains,  and since last week promised to be rainy, my plan was to get up bright and early, because it was still supposed to be bright early.  But the rains had already begun. o watched out the window, a few very determined robins were searching through the grass, under a sky filled with low clouds. 
What to do? what to do?
Either I waited  several more days, or I planted in the rain.
No raincoat, just my garden trowel, and trays of plants, I made my way to the back of the garden and began to plant.  I was not getting as wet as I thought I would, and without having to carry watering cans and water each plant, things went much faster. 
The ground was already muddy enough to capture my clogs and many times I walked out of them, muddy feet were just one of the joys of my childhood mud puddles, and  planting in the rain made me feel like  that kid again.  Smells of damp earth and fresh rain stayed with me the whole day.
By the time i got finished, i was tired, cold, wet, muddy, and very very happy.

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haiku~~~bare feet

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