Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Belated Imbolic

Why was there no Imbolic post this year?  I knew what I  wanted to say, it just didn't seem to fall together right.   As good fortune would have it, even though I didn't have the words Mama Donna Henes did.  So a bit late here they are
:OK. Now pay attention. This is how it works: if the ground hog sees her shadow, it means that there are still six more weeks of Winter. If she doesn't see her shadow, it means that Spring is only six weeks away. So what is the difference? There are always six more weeks of Winter. Spring is always six weeks away.

That is why we mark the day in the first place. To remind us that Winter is half over. To access our situation. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, by Ground Hog's Day you should still have half of your food store and half of your fuel if you are going to make it through the remainder of winter. And for us, I guess that means we have to have half of our inner resources, patience, and humor intact to make it the rest of the way through the dark days of Winter.

With the first sensing of the coming of Spring at Mid Winter, we find ourselves antsy, anxious to emerge from our inward focus already. We strain toward the annual vernal miracle of rebirth and resurrection. Yearn for the light. But it isn't yet time for Spring, and, despite whatever prognostication the ground hog might make, Spring is never early or late. Spring always starts right on time. But first we have to finish Winter.

Enjoy the rest of the dark period. Take advantage of the slowness and introspection that it offers us."

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