Friday, November 16, 2012

what am I gratetful for?????

Every year as Thanksgiving approaches I notice certain things, start to happen.  Pumpkin pie flavored food start to appear, but why are there no roast turkey flavored chips, or crackers??? men talk alot about football and or depending on where you live, the opening day of deer season.  The lines at the grocery store get long, and the carts are fuller, perhaps it is people who still believe it is necessary to gain a few pounds before winter. and I'm not even going to think about "Black Friday" which sounds like it should be some sort of curse.

But there is always "that question", yeah, that one "What are you grateful for?"  to which I like to either reply,"got a couple hours, or would you like the long version?"  worse I could just start rattling away.

Indigenous peoples find some place in their ceremonies and celebrations to express thanks.  the Iroquois Indians have at least 5 ceremonies/holidays per year dedicated to giving thanks. Of course many people give thanks when they sit down for a meal, and we thank someone who does something for us or gives us a gift. 

there are those times and they should be frequent when it just feels good to start out and count the good things , the things you are grateful for, no matter how small, or seemingly trivial they are, after all this is not a homework assignment and no one but you needs to  know what is on your list.

I am grateful for  can openers, fabric band aids, the sun in the morning and the moon at night, laptops, trouser socks, peanut butter, peaceful moments, when my car  starts, great big coffee mugs, a smile, Christmas light, candy corn, encouragement, sharpened pencils, my blog, a warm house and warm hearts, get the idea, now have at it.  

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