Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scarecrows, a couple of poems

I  am not so sure that they really scare crows, but they do make some people feel as if they are being watched.  Symbols of Fall and the harvest, even though they are usually erected in the spring or early summer and sometimes stand there all year, war sights  he must have seen, and what secrets might he know. 
~~Maryann Paris
Over time i have made a lot of scarecrows and I am always more delighted than amazed to see new versions.  Like this city scarecrow. 

What does the scarecrow know
silent ears and painted eyes
can he tell the truth from lies

Standing watch the summer long
sunrise, to sunrise
in wind, rain and sun the day long

He must know some secrets
his ragged shy smile
suggests no regrets

From full moon to new moon to full moon again
each new sunset
sets the sky aflame

When the harvest is in
scarecrow is in the barn
the fields belong to the crows again
~~Toller Gylan

And what could be sweeter that a little scarecrow fairy?  The majority of scarecrows do seem to be male, there is probably a reason for that but we won't venture into that subject this year.

                                                                            ~~Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden

Scarecrow - unknown author

Last night, alone, he saw the rising moon
 set silver fires among his stalks of corn
 and watched the tassels burn like candlewicks.
 At dawn he saw the noisy crows return.
 They know him for a friend, this man of sticks
 in boots that dangle just above the dirt,
 the handle of a rake shoved through his shirt.
 On summer days when grass around him sways
 like wave that follows wave upon the ocean,
 I've seen him shake, a dancer on a stake,
 as if he feels a music in the motion.
 And once I saw his round astonished eyes
 observe with more than painted-on surprise
 a black snake flow like water down a hole,
 and heard him sing up;

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