Monday, October 15, 2012

"Just to be there once again."

"Fall Blues" I have heard the nostalgic feeling some people experience at this time of the year described as.  Though I think it is more like introspection.  The final blazing display of color by Gaia, gives one pause, and appreciation really, and in those moments, when the ancient hereditary memory tells us of the perilous months ahead, perhaps we start thinking about what is important to us.

We are always going somewhere, or may-be no where, always one step ahead in out thoughts, and planning the next move, too busy moving forward to be here in the moment, here were we are, instead of there where we want to be.  The  future, the future, plan for it, be ready for it, attempt to live in it even though it has not been created yet.  The emphasis is definitely on looking forward, looking backwards is something that is considered, well backward.  and now is the only now we get and soon it will be past and....OK I'm even confusing myself trying to explain this.

"Just to be there once again
with a bottle of whiskey and an old friend,
will I ever pass that way again?"
I don't know who wrote or sang those lyrics, they drift in and out of my head, across the decades reminding me that tomorrow is uncertain, so enjoy now. 

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Haiku~~~lighteningbug's song

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