Tuesday, September 11, 2012

searching for a one room schoolhouse

    By now school has probably started again everywhere.   It seems school starts a little earlier and ends a little later every year.   It has been a rather long time since I had anyone in school, and a really long time since i was in school.  Lately however I have become interested in old school houses. There certainly seem to be alot of them around, many but not all seem to have been converted  to other uses, some sadly not.
This one has been converted into a Community Center, and has retained  it'soriginal look.  Even it's bell!  Next door is large modern building.  The people of  Lamont have wisely kept the building much as it was. 
Walking up to the door, I looked up and saw the bell, and could almost smell the old wooden floors. Don't know how many classrooms were in this building, it doesn't look like there could have been more than 3. 
So quiet, the children were all in school in the next town, no traffic, not even a dog barking, just the sound of leaves in the breeze.  It must have looked and sounded very different then.  Excited or reluctant children playing games or talking and laughing while they waited for the bell to ring. one thing hasn't changed and that is the  First Great Rule of Kiddom, never go in until the last possible second.   Sorts think that are some things that never change, and may-be those big windows on old school houses were as much to let extra light and air in as they were to let daydreamers imaginations soar.  The sidewalk must have lead somewhere, since this building stands along a road, i would guess that the children spent recess and possibly lunch break in the area behind the school.   of course it is just possible that it was the way to the out house, or may-be to the shed where wood and or coal were stored for heating.


I plan to keep looking for a one room school house. Surely there is one down some side road that I will travel to escape the rush of people who are in a hurry to get somewhere or no where.

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