Monday, September 3, 2012

Is it Autumn yet?

After an all too short.and all too hot summer we  are on the threshold of Autumn.  Climatological Autumn begins on September 1st and ends on November 31st, which seems about right to me, because the first hints of Autumn are already showing themselves.  In the evening crickets chrip in a thundering chorus, and scarcely a birdsong is heard.   This year there aren't many apples, but the trees in the forrest show the occasional flash of red. orange or gold.

Wildflowers and tame ones are putting on one last show, before going dormant, or going to seed, resting under winters cold blanket.   And each evening sunset comes a little earlier.  There is a hint of something new and fresh in each breeze.
The sun's light is changing from a dazzling white, to a rich golden color as it's angle grows  lower in the sky.  It wraps you in it's gentler warmth, even though earth's  orbit is bringing it closer to the  Northern henisphere.  You don't really need a calander to tell you Autumn has begun, you can smell , feel and see it. 

The weeks ahead will be filled with warm days and cool nights, bright sun and brightly colored leaves, the crisp clean smell of frosty air with wisps of smoke from burning leaves and coal smoke, and sooner or later for most of us the first snowfalls.
Our lives will turn inward, to indoor pursuits. and some of us, like me will be counting the days until spring, climatological Spring begins on March !st, and chances are we will still be knee deep in snow and ice here.

For now there there is the excitement of something new, and a quiet days before cider, apples and donuts. pumpkins, scarecrows, ghosts and goblins;  turkey, family and football.

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